Ben Mullinkosson grew up shooting skate videos in Chicago. After film school in Los Angeles he moved to China and made a weird movie about plastic surgery that premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival. He then partnered with the talented Kristelle Laroche to make Gnarly In Pink which premiered at Tribeca. 

Ben joined the Whitelist Collective as a commercial director and worked with clients such as Samsung, Yelp, HBO, VICE, John Legend, The Home Depot, Usher and Ellie Goulding. 

Ben is now working as a Director of Photography on a feature length documentary about education around world. The project is directed by Tracy Droz Tragos (director of Rich Hill).

Ben has been directing his first feature length documentary which must remain a secret until 2018 because it's amazing.

Kristelle Laroche spends her time working on independent projects, volunteering with kids, and watching her favorite TV show, SpongeBob SquarePants. Kelsey fancies herself an avid editor (no pun intended), and has been cutting and directing films since she could hold a camcorder. She loves storytelling in all of its forms, especially when it involves traveling to new places and engaging with new people.

Kristelle's work, Gnarly In Pink premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2014, and garnered attention from the New York Times. The Pink Helmet Posse was featured on ELLEN shortly thereafter.

Kelsey’s latest collaboration, Growth, a documentary that celebrates the universality of growing up, premiered at South By South West (SXSW) Film Festival in 2015. This was the second time her projects have been accepted into a prestigious international festival.

Amongst other things, she loves spending time with her family, and learning new things. You can find her swinging from silks, hoops, hammocks, trees, traveling, learning, writing, reading, enjoying life.

is documentary filmmaker from Los Angeles. She spends her time working on independent projects, volunteering with kids, and watching SpongeBob.